Drug Induced Post

Day 3: Did not sleep very well. Being stressed out from people is really making me more upset, but i feel I should stop worrying about people and just do what I enjoy. I still feel a previous problem I’ve had his conforming and doing what people want me to do. Sorry for the long rant. I took my pain pump off. The pain was equivalent to being stabbed. And it’s still happening. I don’t know what else to say I’m pretty stressed and aggravated. But the pain is coming back so that’s the end…

Update Day 3 Currently writing this at 4:30 and things have looked up my mood has improved significantly. Nothing else to really say on today. I might bathe for the first time since the day of the surgery.

Look out for tomorrow there should be a different post unrelated to this.

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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Day 1&2

I recently underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. I am very shocked how much medicine has come in 10 years. I witnessed my mother, brother and sister undergo knee surgery which made me very worried, but what I experienced was exceptional care which makes me think of the huge advantage of my upcoming recovery. My care and team of Dr.s really impressed me on there knowledge actions and decisive movements which made my surgery complete in less then 45 minutes!

Day 1: I woke up at 5:15 I rinsed off and got ready for my day of surgery. I did not know what to expect. I was very anxious and paranoid of what happened. With some of people close to me saying “1% of people can go in coma or even die”. Obviously those chances are low I was still skeptical never going through something like this. I was on drugs most of the day and didn’t get home til 3pm. Dinner was enjoyable but simple tasks as getting up, the bathroom, and sleeping became somewhat difficult. I managed to go to sleep without any problems.


Day 2: The day was somewhat stressful as my brother came over and kept messing with stuff on the TV and I was unable to resolve or help with anything with the issues present, which stressed me greatly. The day was somewhat normal and boring. I had different challenges likensomewhat bending my leg. Very surprised of the amount of anxiety I had for something as simple as slightly bending my leg. I experience my first test Monday when I go into PT. I am intrigued what tomorrow brings and what I am going to experience, and what other tough things lie ahead on my journey of recovery.

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October 24th 2016

Ive decided to make this site for the foreseable future. Mostly to see if I can build a community and gain any attraction from my thoughts and ideas.

Expect a post everyday ranging from topics like politics and current events. Mostly it will cover what is on my mind. Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated!

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